Startup Day 2015

The Stockholm Way Panel

April 29, 2015 stockholm way
Jane Walerud, CEO of Teclo Networks; Sean Percival, Partner at 500 Startups; Jessica Stark, CEO & Co-Founder at SUP46

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Joel | polkamn | Laposte | Abrikos | Rssmix | Lalalend |

I dont see the problem with a good handful of these questions:
1. Are those your real children?
- Understandable if the mother or father looks starkly different from their child. As this is unusual to see, it is natural for the question to arise of blood relationship.

7. Can we touch their hair to see what it feels like?
Having a fairly big, fluffy afro, I get this question frequently. While annoying, I wouldn't call it stupid. One of the main ways people learn about their surroundings is through their sense of touch. It's how people learn. Would you balk at someone petting a soft looking dog? No. While I'm not comparing a dog to a child, parallels can be drawn.

10. Where/how did you get them?
Most people are not informed about the adoption process, or know straight away where you adopted the kids from. This is a perfectly legitimate question.

11. Were they in an orphanage? If so, where and for how long?
Again, most people are not familiar with the adoption process, especially as it applies to foreign countries.

15. Do you know anything about their real parents? Are they alive?
Again, general curiosity. I don't see the problem here.

18. Do they know who their real parents are?
See question #15. Unless the adoptive parent is being hyper-sensitive, there is nothing wrong with this question if it is assumed that the inquisitor is referring to "biological" parentage.

19. Do you have an open adoption?
Again, legit question.

30: Do they still speak (Swahili, Chinese, Spanish, Russian)?
Also a legit question assuming the child is old enough to speak. If a child is born in and lives in a foreign country for the first couple years of his/her life, why wouldn't it be fair to ask if the child knows the language of that country. Bilingual people, especially children, are fascinating.

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