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Startup Day 2015

The Stockholm Way Kickoff

2,017 views April 29, 2015

Moderator Rasmus Rahm, Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship

Startup Day 2015

Ebba Åkerman, United Invitations

2,388 views April 28, 2015

The Stockholm buffet - small savoury snacks for startup success.

Startup Day 2015

Ankit Desai, Universal Music

2,245 views April 28, 2015

Disrupt or die in the music industry - why Stockholm understands this better than anyone.

Startup Day 2015

The Stockholm Way Panel

1,544 views April 28, 2015

Jane Walerud, CEO of Teclo Networks; Sean Percival, Partner at 500 Startups; Jessica Stark, CEO...