Start-up Day 2014

Start-up Day 2014

Start-up: the user manual

2,462 views May 01, 2014

Hampus Jakobsson, co-founder and CEO of, will summarise what he learned from his...

Start-up Day 2014

Growing up - tips for fast growing start-ups

1,716 views May 01, 2014

Joy Marcus, CEO of Bloglovin and venture capitalist will share top tips for managing a company...

Start-up Day 2014

Why founders need to be storytellers

2,763 views May 01, 2014

David Rowan, Editor of WIRED UK, will talk about the importance of constructing a compelling...

Start-up Day 2014

Five shitty situations you’re bound to...

1,933 views May 01, 2014

Louise Eriksson, co-founder Vint and AdProfit, will make sure you have the details on what to...

Start-up Day 2014

Going international - and making it work

1,565 views May 05, 2014

Björn Jeffery, CEO and co-founder of Toca Boca, shares his experiences of moving to San Francisco...

Start-up Day 2014

Moderator kicks off the event

1,385 views May 01, 2014

Emma Rose Metcalfe, co-founder of How.Do.

Start-up Day 2014

Culture in a fast growing start-up - learnings...

1,455 views May 01, 2014

David Noël, early employee and Evangelist at SoundCloud, will share some secrets for start-up...

Start-up Day 2014

Walking dead: how to avoid the zombie PR moves

1,467 views May 01, 2014

The founders of Codarica Sanna Nilsson, Lovisa Levin and Rosalyn Knapp will share their...

Start-up Day 2014

Hire hacks

1,506 views May 01, 2014

Having brought together a crew from five continents, Nils Westerlund, co-founder of How.Do, will...

Start-up Day 2014

How to save talents from corporate despair and...

1,115 views May 01, 2014

Sandra Uddbäck, Marketing Manager at Tink, will give her advice on how to attract, integrate and...

Start-up Day 2014

Product development for start-ups

1,697 views April 30, 2014

Yuval Samet, Chief Product Officer at Klarna, will talk about the important role of communication...

Start-up Day 2014

Getting data from the dirt (and vice versa)

2,082 views May 01, 2014

Jane Ruffino, tech writer and GetBulb CMO, will share lessons learned from her previous life as...