Start-up Day 2013

Start-up Day 2013

Oskar Kalmaru - Marketing needs no product

2,154 views April 20, 2013

Oskar Kalmaru, co-founder of Memoto, will share his experience of marketing a start-up - long...

Start-up Day 2013

Chad Hamre - Truly Meaningful Work

1,911 views April 20, 2013

Chad Hamre, Founder and CEO of Ethical Ocean, will talk about 'trying it all' before finally...

Start-up Day 2013

Carl Waldecranz - The first year of a start-up

2,248 views April 20, 2013

Carl Waldecranz, Co-founder and CEO of e-commerce platform Tictail will talk about team versus...

Start-up Day 2013

Nicole Vanderbilt - Reimagining commerce

1,642 views April 20, 2013

Nicole Vanderbilt, UK and Nordics Country Manager for Etsy, will present a new approach to...

Start-up Day 2013

Alexandra Bylund - Our 10 biggest mistakes

1,794 views April 20, 2013

Alexandra Bylund, co-founder of Foap, will present the Foap journey from day one. During the...

Start-up Day 2013

Conor Delahunty - Gaps

2,131 views April 20, 2013

Conor Delahunty, Designer at Somewhere, will talk about gaps, intentionally leaving holes and...

Start-up Day 2013

Ole Ruch - Going global from day one

1,601 views April 20, 2013

Ole Ruch, Managing Director for Airbnb in Northern Europe and Asia-Pacific, will talk about...

Start-up Day 2013

Lisa Lindström - Is design a universal language?

2,051 views April 20, 2013

Lisa Lindström, Managing Director of Doberman, will share very openly the learnings from putting...

Start-up Day 2013

Kristian Tryggvason - David against Goliath

1,795 views April 20, 2013

Kristian Tryggvason, co-founder and CEO of BioLamina, will talk about building a company with the...

Start-up Day 2013

Start-up hot seat

1,648 views April 20, 2013

Investors Christian Thaler-Wolski, Wellington Partners and Frank Meehan, Horizons Ventures will...